Can I download more than one file at a time?

Sure! You can download as many files as you'd like! When you find a file you want, click the "Add to Download Cart" icon. The cart will keep that file for you while you search for other files. Add as many files as you want to your Download Cart, then they'll all be downloaded at one time.

What's the difference between the Word file and the PDF for the Print options?

The only difference is the file format. It's the same information, but you choose the format!

What's the difference between the .wmv file and the .flv file for the Video options?

The wmv, or Windows Media File, is a larger file size. The flv, or Flash Video File, is more compressed, and at a smaller file size - use this file if you plan to present the video online.

Do I need special software to use these files?

To view interactive files, you will need the Flash player:

To view PDF files, you will need Acrobat reader:

To view a video, you will need a WMV player to view .wmv files:

And to view the .flv videos you can download a number of FLV players - here's a link to one example:

To listen to .mp3 files, you can use a WMV player or iTunes to play the file.

Other questions?

Please call 800-356-9655, ext. 4072 or e-mail


Click here for documentation explaining how to insert these learning elements into PowerPoint.

PowerPoint 2003 supports only the .wmv format for videos. More recent versions of PowerPoint will support both the .wmv and the .flv video formats.

The shopping cart capacity is 500 MB.


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Uploading Knowledge Documents Demo Once your e-learning content has been created, watch this Captivate demo to learn how to upload your documents via CPDOnline. Compatible formats include Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files as well as PDF and wmv files. Or, read the step-by-step upload documentation in this PDF.

Uploading SCORM Compliant Zip files Demo Once your e-learning content has been created using a third-party authoring tool, watch this demo to learn how to upload your zip files via CPDOnline. Note: Third-party authoring tool must be SCORM 1.2 compliant, i.e. Quizmaker, Articulate, Captivate, Lectora, and so on. This PDF provides step-by-step upload documentation.

Ready to start? First, you'll need to subscribe. Then, downloading files is a breeze! Each file will download as a zipped file, so you'll need to UNzip them when they arrive on your computer. And you can either download one file at a time, OR place several files in the Download Cart and get them all at once.